Shirat David Membership 5783


Dear Kehilla,

Welcome to the Shirat David family!
We are thrilled that you have chosen to be a part of our communal growth!

Shirat David offers 3 different types of annual memberships: Building Fund Member, General Member, Gevurah Member (supports the ongoing functions of the shul at a higher level).

Annual membership fee for Building Fund Members: 1,650 NIS / $500

Gevurah membership options: 2,500 NIS/ $750 , 3,600 NIS/ $1,100, 5,000 NIS/ $1,500, 7,200 NIS/ $2,150

Annual membership fee for General Members (non-building-fund members): 2,000 NIS / $600

NOTE: A tax receipt will be provided for any and all membership payments to Shirat David. This is true for payments in both USD and ILS. Further information will be available after completing the form below.

We will never turn anyone away from being members of the kehilla due to financial constraints. We encourage anyone who is unable to pay the membership to reach out confidentially to Duvy Kupferberg (

Please feel free to contact us with any questions/comments/concerns you might have.

Thank you!

Shirat David Vaad & Administration

Avraham Deutsch

Toby Kram

Dr. Duvy Kupferberg
Shani Lubetski

Avi Miller

Michal Reinitz
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