About Shirat David

About Shirat David

Our community is built on the belief that a Beit Kenesset should be so more than just a physical space or a daily minyan. It should be a place that radiates Torah, Tefilla and Chessed. A context for spiritual growth and for serving Hashem with passion and joy. A place through which you can be uplifted and inspired, supported and assisted.

And since the founding of our Beit Kenesset in 2011, we have seen this vision become a vibrant, flourishing reality.

Based in the heart of Efrat and under the leadership of Rav Shlomo Katz, our community has developed into a 24/7 operation filled with daily minyanim, Torah classes, seasonal events, youth programming, community outreach and so much more.

Our membership consists predominantly of olim who have come to Israel from the USA, UK, Canada and South America. We are a bi-lingual community with drashot in Hebrew and other community programming in English.

Please feel free to come and visit. Or better yet – to make Shirat David your home as well.